Martin's hopelessly in love with Irma throughout the show and the comics, however, Irma only thinks of him as a close friend. Despite this, it's hinted throughout both the show and the comics that they would eventually wind up together. In the prequel, Irma follows a path of raindrops, and when the road splits, she first takes the rode that led to the pet shop where she got her turtle Leafy. When she returns to the fork in the road, she decides to see where the other path went, and is shocked to see that it led straight to Martin. Another obvious hint is in issue 50, when she discovers that her and Martin remained friends and finds outs that her boyfriend Joel eventually dumps her and that Andrew turns out to be a bit of a jerk. After seeing that, the second she saw Martin in the present time, she ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek, then smacked him to make sure that he didn't get any ideas just yet. The best example from the show would be the episode "L is for Loser," where Irma and Martin work on the school radio station together and he winds up embarrassing her on the air. She blows up at him for this and calls him a loser, which really hurts his feelings. At the end, she apologizes to him and says that she'd be the real loser if he wasn't in her life. He then gives her a note that reads "you'll never be a loser".