1) You have to be a fan of the relationship between Irma Lair and Martin Tubbs. If you aren't, it's a bit pointless to join.

2) Use a real working email address, if you do not, you won't be added. You may choose to hide your email address if you'd like.

3) If you are joining with a site then please use a code to link back here.

4) If you do have a site but no code is linked back here I won't add your site. I'm promoting yours by listing it here, please return the favor. And remember; do not direct link the codes.

5) Please either use your real name or an online alias. Nothing like SeXy_GuRl or Sk8ter_Boi, also please do not use numbers, special characters, symbols, StIcKyCaPs or l33t in your name either. If you do, your name will be modified as I see fit.

6) If your site promotes hate, abuse, racism, homophobia, pornography, anything illegal or is just plain offensive, it won't be listed here.

And that's all. If you'd like to join, please go here.